What is Group Tour Japan ?

If someone was asked what was their favorite country to travel to or to live in, what kind of memories would they think back on? Perhaps the scenery, weather, food, the tourist attractions, the culture or the history.
However, it's the people that matter the most. The people we shared meals with, studied or worked with, argued or joked around with. The people who helped us when we needed it.

If we love the people, we love the country.

One day there was a foreign visitor to Japan who got lost. He found himself separated from his friends, without a cellphone and he couldn’t speak any Japanese. Feeling totally overwhelmed, he stood in the station confused, not knowing which train to catch.Right at this moment, a Japanese person passed by and spoke to him. They couldn’t communicate with words but the tourist frantically conveyed his situation with gestures and showed him the documents he was carrying. The Japanese person soon realized that for him to get to the station where his friends were, he'd have to transfer twice and it would take an hour to get there. He explained all of this to the foreigner but he thought to himself, “I don’t think he can do it on his own”.
So, he decided to buy the foreigner's train ticket and personally take him to the station where his friends were, even though he had been up all night and had plans for later that day.
Now safely reunited with his friends, it was time for the Japanese person and the foreigner to part ways. In tears, the foreigner passed him a note that read “Please get in touch if you ever come to my country”.
This Japanese person had experienced many occasions where he himself had been helped by locals while living overseas and those selfless acts of kindness moved him to do the same on this day.
A few years later they met again in the foreigner’s country. Smiling, the man said, “Because you helped me that time, I came to love Japan and now whenever I meet a Japanese person in my country I do whatever I can to help them”.

This experience tells us that even when the language and culture are different, if you like the person, you'll like the country he is from.

We really want you to like Japan.

Which country do you think someone would choose – a nice environment, easy living conditions and the food is amazing but there isn’t a single person to laugh with? Or a country where perhaps the food and the setting isn’t great but you can have a good time laughing with the friends you made?
We believe that linking People with People and Country with Country is the way to prevent wars and conflict.
First, those living in Japan need to develop a desire to become friends with all those who visit our country.
Our company is fully committed to helping foreign visitors grow to love Japan and its people. Through the services we offer, we will do whatever we can to support and assist them. And we really hope those visitors will show the same kindness to the Japanese people they meet in their own country. In this way, we will continue to be a company linking People with People and Country with Country.

Our 5 Commitments to Our Clients

  • We will respond to all inquiries in a prompt and courteous manner.
  • We will out-perform other companies with our outstanding service.
  • We will develop a travel plan suited to your needs.
  • We will take care of any problems that may arise.
  • From famous places to little known gems, we will make a travel plan to show you the best of Japan.

What is a “Custom Tour?”

A One-of-a-kind Trip You Will Thoroughly Enjoy!

So many places I'd like to go, foods to try, and things to experience in Japan!
But, I can't do everything I want to do...
We have too many in our group. I’ll need a wheelchair and assistance and I can’t even speak the language.
But, I don’t want to go on a package tour...
At Group Tour Japan, we will help you build your own customized tour.

For example, a family vacation...

Families traveling with Grandpa and Grandma and babies.
This is your first three-generation family vacation, but have you already given up on spending time together? How about going to a park with the kids in the morning, studying the local history together in the afternoon and finishing the day with a family dinner, perhaps “Shabu-shabu”, Japanese pork hotpot...From large buses capable of taking many people, to more modestly sized wheelchair accessible taxi services.We can help you organize a trip to Japan that will make everyone happy, from Grandpa to baby.
Let us help you win smiles from everyone in the family!!

Check reference example right nowPrice example:
Okinawa 5 nights 6 days (20 people)

Another example, a “Resort Wedding”...

The sea, a sparkling cobalt blue color.The sand, white like snow.How about vowing eternal love in Okinawa, often called Japan's Hawaii?
Traditional wedding ceremonies in Kyoto can also be arranged.You can then enjoy the rest of your resort time with your family, or as a honeymoon.From two people to many people, let Group Tour Japan arrange your trip.We will help you to make fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime memories on your trip to Japan.

Check reference example right nowPrice example:
Okinawa 3 nights 4 days (20 people)

How about a company trip...

To all of you out there working hard every day.
Good food and good sake...Refresh your tired body and mind in Japan.We can help to arrange a fun-filled vacation, from tour guide to coach buses.Experience an extraordinary adventure with your colleagues, away from work!
A large company trip...Organizing a large company trip can come with many responsibilities, such as arranging the transportation. Let Group Tour Japan help you.With our thoughtful and detailed service, we’ll support you throughout your journey.

Check reference example right nowPrice example:
Okinawa 4 nights 5 days (45 people)

Experienced multi-lingual staff will help you to the utmost and make the best arrangements for your travel content.