Reserving in Advance

  • Q. How to make a reservation?

    STEP 1 Application

    STEP 2 Suggestions / Estimates

    STEP 3 Travel Plans / Advanced Payment

    STEP 4 Arrangements

    STEP 5 Full Payment

  • Q. When can I start making reservations? How far ahead does it have to be?

    Travel arrangements can be made soon before travelling.
    However, the later arrangements are made, the fewer vacancies will be available, therefore, the earlier the reservation is made the smoother arrangements will go.
    Clients who have not yet decided on a travel plan, should make reservations three months in advance to allow time for suggestion and selection of sightseeing locations, as well as any adjustments.

  • Q. How is this different from a package tour?

    Arrangements are custom made to suit our client's wishes. Sighteeing locations and length of stay can be arranged flexibly.


  • Q. How are the fees calculated?

    <When chartering a bus>

    Charges for a charter bus are calculated according to the number of days, hours of use, and mileage. Since the fees change depending on the location and length of use, we will draw up a travel plan within the client's budget.

  • Q. What is included in the travel fees?

    The fees will include all travel expenses, except plane tickets and travel insurance.

  • Q. My budget isn't enough…

    <When chartering a bus>

    We can revise the itinerary details and hours of use to make a plan within your alloted budget.

Vehicle Arrangements

  • Q. Can the driver speak our language? Can he provide a tour while we sight-see?

    <When chartering a bus>

    All drivers speak Japanese. A tour guide to interpret into your language will be arranged separately.
    The drivers cannot act as guides in or at the sightseeing location.

    Guides who speak your language can be arranged to travel together. As there are a limited number of such guides, we recommend you book early.

  • Q. Can I specify the model of the bus?

    Specification of vehicle size (small, medium, large) is possible.

  • Q. How much luggage can it take?

    It depends on the vehicles available from the taxi / bus company. If you tell us the number of guests and how much baggage, we will recommend an appropriate vehicle.

  • Q. I would like get on and get off at more than one location…

    It is possible to specify more than one location at which to make a stop. However, due to road conditions and traffic rules, there are places where we cannot stop, in such cases we will take you as close as possible to your desired location.

  • Q. My schedule has changed, so I can change the course and time in use?

    It may be possible to make course changes on the day of the tour, however it depends on the staff schedule and reservation situation. Therefore we recommend confirming your itinerary before departure and sticking to it.
    Also, please note that an ""Alteration fee"" will be charged if there are less than 14 days remaining before the start of the tour.

  • Q. Can I get on the bus without getting out of my wheelchair? (Wheelchair lift)
    A. There are buses that allow you to ride in your wheelchair on the bus. However, as these are limited in number we recommend that you book early. (The arrangement details differ depending on the number of wheelchairs, size, folding or motorized type etc.)

Arrangement Details

  • Q. I'd like to buy plane tickets…

    We are very sorry.
    We do not handle the purchase of plane tickets.

  • Q. Can you make hotel arrangements?

    That is possible. If the client tells us their budget and preferred hotel, we can check availability for the hotel.
    If you do not have a preferred hotel, we can recommend hotels to suit your budget and travel plans.
    Group rates may apply if there are more than 15 people.

  • Q. I would like a tour guide that can interpret.

    This can be arranged but the rates may vary depending on the language. Starting from ¥ 25,000 ~ ¥ 40,000 per 8 hours. Please note that fees may change depending on the origins of the guide and their language.

  • Q. Can a tour guide from an airport in my country be arranged?

    We are very sorry. Arrangements can only be made within Japan.

  • Q. There are places I want to go and things I want to experience, is it possible to make reservations?

    Please let us know what activities you would like to do. We will check availability and whether reservations can be made.

Payment method

  • Q. How can I pay?

    We only accept payment by credit card.

  • Q. What if the fees exceed the credit limit of my card, and I cannot make the payment?

    In case the cost exceeds your credit card limit, you may pay in installments. You may also pay in installments when your credit limit is sufficient but the costs are very high.

Cancellation policy

  • Q. I'd like to cancel my reservation, will there be a cancellation fee?

    <When chartering a bus>

    A cancellation fee will be charged if there are less than 14 days remaining before the start of the tour. Please refer to the following for details.

    1) Cancellation 8 to 14 days from the day before the travel date: 20% of the travel fees 

    2) Cancellation counting 4 to 7 days from the day before the travel date: 30% of the travel fees

    3) Cancellation counting 1 to 3 days from the day before the travel date: 50% of the travel fees

    4) Without contacting us, not showing up on the travel day: 100% of the travel fees

    * Cancellation fees will not be charged in cases of natural disasters, public uprisings, or other incidences causing cancellation.