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NEWFebruary 2018

Wedding Resort Trip/Okinawa/20~25 People

Tsai , Hong Kong

NEWNovember 2017

Wedding Resort Trip/Okinawa/30~35 People

Mag , Taiwan

NEWNovember 2017

Company Trip/Okinawa/30~35 People

Chen , Taiwan

NEWOctober 2017

Wedding Resort Trip/Okinawa/15~20 People

PChen , Hong Kong

NEWOctober 2017

Wedding Resort Trip/Okinawa/11~20 People

YUY , Hong Kong

NEWSeptember 2017

Family Trip/Okinawa/10~15 People

CYEN , Taiwan

NEWAugust 2017

Family Cruise Trip/Okinawa/20~25People

CCHANG , Taiwan

NEWAugust 2017

Family Trip/Okinawa/30~35 People

GGOMI , Taiwan

NEWJuly 2017

Graduation Trip/Okinawa/20~25People

TAKAA , Taiwan

NEWJuly 2017

Family Trip/Okinawa/20~25People

MENG , Hong Kong

NEWMay 2017

Family Trip/Okinawa/30~25People

HHUANG , Hong Kong

NEWMay 2017

Family Trip/Okinawa/15~20 People

WANG , Hong Kong

NEWSeptember 2017

Company Trip/Hokkaido/30~35 People

MMain , Singapore

NEWOctober 2017

Family Trip/Kyushu/20~25 People

Nnito , Malaysia

NEWSpring 2017

Company Trip/Tokyo/30~35 People

Steve , Singapore