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Any arrangements can be made

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Package Tours

3 nights 4 days 35 people

Area: Okinawa

Accommodations / Large bus / Food & Drink / Sightseeing / Interpreter

¥ 48,000 per person (excluding Airfare)

The contents of the package tour were suited to our needs,
they had the food and drink menu adjusted, and optional tours according to the season were offered
(whale watching, cherry blossoms etc.)

Company trip

4 nights 5 days 100 people

Area: Kanto

Accommodations / Large bus / Food & Drink / Sightseeing / Interpreter / Banquet

Total travel expenses ¥ 5,800,000 (excluding Airfare)

For our Company trip with VIPs, all banquet arrangements etc. were taken care of. Communicating with just one person for these arrangements in Japan made things go very smoothly.

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