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Family Trip / Hiroshima / 15-20 people

Travel Date :   May, 2018

Nickname :     Kayla

Nationality :         Canada

Cost for each person:
JPY 13,200
* A price varies depend on contents

 What did you think about the cost for this group plan?

It fit our budget.

  How did you know about 「Group tour Japan」?

I found its advertisement by chance.

 What made you decide to visit particularly this place in japan?

Because I wanted to visit Itsukushima Shrine and Rabbit Island.

 Could you tell us why you didn't chose a travel plan that your own country's agency provided?

Because local(Japanse) agents know more about the spots than agents in Canada.

 Did you have any concerns when booking?

Nothing. Everything was fine.

  Is there any place you would like to visit in paticular if you come to visit Japan again and why so?

I want to visit Hokkaido because I love nature.


 Arrangement: Bus・Guide・Admission fee
Day Schedule
Day 1 Hotel (Hiroshima City)
Ohkunoshima Island (Rabbit Island)
Walking around Onomichi area
Cat Path
Senkouji Ropeway
Hotel (Hiroshima City)
Day 2 Hotel (Hiroshima City)
Peace Memorial Museum
Miyajima Island (Ferry)
Itsukushima Shrine
Hiroshima Station