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Family Trip / Kyoto / 10-15 people

Travel Date :   April, 2018

Nickname :     Ong

Nationality :         Malaysia

Cost for each person:
JPY 14,244
* A price varies depend on contents

 What did you think about the cost for this group plan?

I thought it was a little bit expensive at first, but the tour made it easy to move around. So I was satisfied with the service and the price.

  How did you know about 「Group tour Japan」?

My friend who has used the service(Group Tour Japan) before in Okinawa recommend me this.

 What made you decide to visit particularly this place in japan?

To attend the wedding party of my relative.

 Could you tell us why you didn't chose a travel plan that your own country's agency provided?

They don't have one-day bus tour.

 Did you have any concerns when booking?

Nothing special.

  Is there any place you would like to visit in paticular if you come to visit Japan again and why so?

I want to visit Kyoto again. I couldn't visit some places that I wanted to visit because I had few hours to stay there this time.


 Arrangement: Bus・Guide・Admission fee
Day Schedule
Day 1 Century Hotel Kyoto
Kiyomizu-Dera Temple
Launch:Yudofu restaurant
Ginkaku-ji Temple
Kinkaku-ji Temple
Century Hotel Kyoto