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Family Vacation / Kyushu / 20~25 people

Travel Date :   October,2017

Nickname :     Nnito

Nationality :         Malaysia

Cost for each person:
JPY 61,700
* A price varies depend on contents

 What did you think about the cost for this group plan?

I think it was just right price

  How did you know about 「Group tour Japan」?

My friend told me about it

 What made you decide to visit particularly this place in japan?

I wanted to take my kids with me

 Could you tell us why you didn't chose a travel plan that your own country's agency provided?

Because the price was high, I couldn't choose itinerary and I think they would take us many duty-free shops.

 Why did you decide to plan on your own?

I didn't want to participate in shopping only tour

  Is there any place you would like to visit in paticular if you come to visit Japan again and why so?

Kyoto and Osaka are famous sightseeing spots so I want to go there


 Arrangement: Bus・Guide・Hotel ( Three Star Hotel )
Day Schedule
Day 1 Fukuoka Airport ( leave at 11:20 )
Lunch: In Hakata city
Downstreaming Yanagawa river
A tour in Nagasaki city
Inasayama: Night viewing
Hotel around House at Forest area ( arrive at 21:30 )
Day 2 Hotel ( leave at 10:00 )
Free time at House at Forest: All day
Day 3 Hotel ( leave at 9:00 )
Sakuranobaba Johsaien
Kumamoto Castle
Suizenji Park
Asouchinomaki Hot Spring Hotel ( arrive at 17:30 )
Day 4 Asouchinomaki Hot Spring Hotel ( leave at 8:30 )
Daikanbou viewing platform
Dazaifu Tenmangu
Hotel in Hakata city ( arrive at 14:20 )
Free time in Hakata area
Day 5 Hotel ( leave at 9:00 )
Fukuoka Airport ( arrive at 9:30 )