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Family trip / Okinawa / 20~25 people

Travel Date :   August, 2017

Nickname :     CCHANG

Nationality :         Taiwan

Cost for each person:
JPY 8,500
* A price varies depend on contents

 What did you think about the cost for this group plan?

It was reasonable

  How did you know about 「Group tour Japan」?

I found this web site on the internet

 What made you decide to visit particularly this place in japan?

Because I have never visited Okinawa

 Why did you decide to plan on your own?

We chose because there were elderly and children, and many people in our group

 Did you have any concerns when booking?

I was worried because communicatin only by email, but it went well eventually.

  Is there any place you would like to visit in paticular if you come to visit Japan again and why so?

Osaka and Hokkaido because never been there


 Arrangement: Bus・Guide
Day Schedule
Day 1 SAPHIRE PRINCESS Arriving at Naha Port ( 13:30 )
Leaving Naha Port (14:00 )
Namino Shrine
Okinawa World + Gyokusendo Cave
Kokusai Street
Naha Port
Day 2 SAPPHIRE PRINCESS Arriving at Ishigaki Port 11
Leaving Ishigaki Port ( 12:00 )
Kabira Bay
Yaeyama Village
Aeon Maxvalue
Ishigaki Port ( 18:00 )