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Miyazaki Prefecture is located on the south eastern coast of Kyushu Island.Once a mecca for honeymooners in the 1960’s, Miyazaki's warm climate now makes it the home of training camps for various sports teams.Narita, Haneda, Chubu Centrair International, Kansai and Itami Airport all fly direct to Miyazaki Bougainvillea Airport.If you have the time, you could also take a ferry from Hyogo prefecture.You might decide which airport to use depending on the area you will be visiting. For example, the Takachiho area is accessible via Aso Kumamoto Airport, and Ebino City via Kagoshima Airport.

Miyazaki has an approximate area of 7,735㎢ and an estimated population of 1.08 million people.Miyazaki enjoys many hours of sunshine and gets plenty of rain, but snow is rare.Known for its sunny weather even during the winter months, various sports teams base their training camps here and that makes it a popular destination for tourists, too.Even though Miyazaki doesn't get much snow, it has the southernmost ski resort in Japan with natural snow. So, you can enjoy winter sports here, too.

Miyazaki is blessed with a pleasant climate that seems almost tropical, and is well known for being abundant in nature and Natural Monuments.Let’s now check out ten of the best tourist attractions you’ll definitely want to check out.
1/ Sun Messe Nichinan
2/ Cape Toi
3/ Manai Falls
4/ Shibushiwan Daikoku Dolphin Land
5/ Aoshima Shrine
6/ Udo-jingu Shrine
7/ Miyazaki Prefectural Aoshima Subtropical Botanical Garden
8/ Takachiho Ranch
9/ Ikoma Plateau
10/ Aya Teruha Suspension Bridge

Sun Messe Nichinan is the place to see perfect replicas of the famous Moai statues.It is also pet-friendly, so add this spot to your itinerary if you happen to be traveling with your dog.Visit at sunset and take beautiful photos of the Moai statues, ocean and the setting sun.Visit Cape Toi to meet wild horses, which are a designated natural monument.Make sure you check out other unmissable spots in the area, such as the Cape Toi Lighthouse and Misaki Shrine.At Shibushiwan Daikoku Dolphin Land, you can play with dolphins.Kids and adults alike will have fun interacting and taking photos with the dolphins.Time your visit to coincide with the penguin parade, to see some adorable penguins up close.Spending time with cute animals soothes the heart and mind!

While not numerous, Miyazaki also has some excellent hot springs, or onsen.After exploring fascinating tourist attractions and nature that will blow you away, set aside some time to soak in an onsen to ease your travel fatigue.Here are five of the best onsen in Miyazaki.
1/ Aoshima Onsen
2/ Tokiwa Onsen
3/ Ebino Kogen Onsen
4/ Kitago Onsen
5/ Tamayura Onsen

Enjoy the tropical atmosphere at Aoshima Onsen.This area is known as the setting for the Japanese myth, 'Umisachihiko and Yamasachihiko’ and attracts many visitors each year.Treat yourself to a relaxing soak in its silky-smooth waters.You can also enjoy visiting some of the many attractions around Aoshima Onsen, such as Aoshima Shrine.Kitago Onsen is known as a "Beauty Bath”.Enjoy stunning wide-open views of flowers, green trees and clear streams.You can also soak in the open-air bath at night, under starry skies.Stay in the luxurious Kitago Onsen resort to enjoy this romantic atmosphere!

Let’s now take a look at Miyazaki’s best spots to see cherry blossoms.If you visit in springtime, you’ll definitely want to enjoy the blossoms while you’re there.Visit some of these beautiful spots for an even more fabulous holiday.
1/ Kannon Ike Park
2/ Nobeoka Castle Ruins Park
3/ Hanatate Park
4/ Maizuru Park
5/ Josen-ji Temple
Around 10,000 cherry trees blossom in Hanatate Park.Don’t miss the view in springtime, which will paint your field of vision pink.Every year the park holds the Hanatate Park Sakura Festival in Nichinan City.Since you’re come this far, it might be a good idea to add some sightseeing around Miyazaki to your schedule, too.Of course, we also have to mention the 300-year-old weeping cherry tree at Josen-ji Temple.It is truly an amazing sight to see its branches fanning out over the grass, heavily laden with delicate blossoms.Visit Josen-ji Temple to see these absolutely spectacular blossoms.

Perhaps you are also interested in the best places to enjoy colorful foliage in autumn?Let’s take a look at Miyazaki’s top spots for autumn colors.Don't miss adding one or two of these places to your itinerary if you happen to visit during this season.
1/ Mitate Valley
2/ Takachiho Gorge
3/ Mt. Sobo
4/ Shirataki Falls
5/ Heiwadai Park

Mitate Valley is known for its beautiful mountain streams.Mitate Valley becomes even more picturesque in autumn with vibrant colors along clear streams.Go for a drive and stop by Mitate Valley to enjoy its beautiful autumn colors.Shirataki Falls is a stunning waterfall that resembles white silk thread flowing over an impressive cliff.It is also another popular spot to enjoy autumn colors.Take some photos so you never forget the stunning combination of cliffs, falls and autumn colors.

Finally, let’s check out some of Miyazaki’s local cuisine.Miyazaki is famous for their mangos, which can also make a great souvenir.Miyazaki is also a top producer of sweet potatoes and cucumbers.While you’re out exploring, make sure you try some of the local dishes, created with ingredients grown in Miyazaki’s warm climate.
1/ Hiyajiru Soup
2/ Jidori no sumibiyaki (charcoal-grilled chicken)
3/ Mukadenori (seaweed)
4/ Pickled Hyuga Pumpkin
5/ Chicken Nanban (deep-fried chicken, dipped in sweet vinegar and topped with tartar sauce)

Hiyajiru Soup is one of Miyazaki’s most well-known local dishes.This cold soup is made with fish paste and miso that is thinned out with dashi stock. To this, tofu and cold barley rice are added.You can even add some of the special local cucumbers.Make sure you try this perfect summer dish that is even thought to combat summer fatigue.Miyazaki is the birthplace of Chicken Nanban, a popular chicken dish in Japan.Try out some authentic Miyazaki Chicken Nanban and taste test it against the fried chicken you usually eat.

While reading about Miyazaki's best tourist attractions and local cuisine, did you come across something you would like to check out?Each season, the amazing nature found in Miyazaki offers completely different scenery.If you visit in spring, add a visit to the cherry blossoms, or in autumn, check out the colorful foliage for an even more wonderful trip to Miyazaki!

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